Site 96 (Part Six)

Site 96 (Part Six)

LINDSAY: Forties. Has a stronger connection with ISAAC, and everyone else.

ISAAC: Sixteen. Has a stronger connection with LINDSAY, and everyone else.


ALVIN: Late twenties. Has a strong connection with everyone.


JACOB: Nine. Has a strong connection with everyone.  


WES: Late sixties. Still warming up to everyone.


ALENA: Seventeen. Fearful of her home life.



  1. EXTERIOR: Campground Beach-Midday

LINDSAY, ISAAC, ALVIN, JACOB, and WES arrive at the beach. LINDSAY is carrying a bag, ISAAC is carrying two chairs, WES is carrying his chair, ALVIN is carrying a cooler and his chair, and JACOB is carrying an alligator floaty tube.

JACOB: Ba-ba-ba-beach!

ALVIN: Chill, buddy. You still need sunscreen on.

JACOB: Really?


WES: Surprisingly enough, cancer isn’t discriminative.

JACOB: I thought black don’t crack, though.

ALVIN: Everybody cracks.

LINDSAY: Jacob, how about a song?

JACOB: (Singing) Life’s a beach, sweeter than a peach, suck on you girl, like a leech.


JACOB: I’m sorry, but I heard an older kid say it one time.

ALVIN: I don’t care.

JACOB: I’m sorry, but you know, Wes never yells at me.

ALVIN: I wonder why.


  1. EXTERIOR: Campground Beach-Moments After


JACOB waits impatiently for his sun screen to dry. LINDSAY, WES, ALVIN, and ISAAC sit on their chairs.


JACOB: Is it time yet?

ALVIN: Yeah, it’s probably dried. You’re good to go.


JACOB grabs his floaty tube and sprints into the water.


LINDSAY: (To ISAAC) Are you having fun?

ISAAC: (Dispirited) I guess.

LINDSAY: Is everything alright?

ISAAC: Yea.  

LINDSAY: Where did you go last night?

ISAAC: Just took a walk is all.

JACOB: (Still in the water) Isaac, you wanna come in with me?

ISAAC: I’m good for now, Jacob.

JACOB: Wes? I promise I won’t call you Rukia.

WES: I will if you can stay underwater longer than me. My record is about twenty-five minutes.

JACOB: Hey! Lindsay, what about you?

LINDSAY: Maybe in a bit, Jacob. Ask your father.

JACOB shrugs, then continues playing. LINDSAY looks at ALVIN.


ALVIN: He gets like that when we’ve spent too much time together.   

LINDSAY: You try too hard.

ALVIN: I know.

WES: You could end up driving him away, you know.

ALVIN: Yea, I’ll keep that in mind.

WES: Just saying.

LINDSAY: Is anyone thirsty? Isaac, do you want something to drink?

ISAAC: No. I’m gonna go for walk, okay mom?



ISAAC gets up, and walks away.


WES: Where do you think he went last night?

LINDSAY: He said bathroom.

WES: He ‘said’ bathroom. Where do you think he really went?

LINDSAY: Where do you think he went?

WES: A boy his age, alone for the week, girlfriend not here, sharing a tent with his mom, very little privacy.


ALVIN laughs out loud.


WES: He gets it.

LINDSAY: Gets what? What could he be doing?

WES: Lindsay, a man… Well everyone has needs, but men seem to be more comfortable sufficing those needs wherever they feel like it. In this case, alone in the woods.

LINDSAY: (Devastated) No.

WES: You asked.

LINDSAY: But with who?

WES: With whom. And with whom?

LINDSAY: Who could he be meeting up with?

ALVIN: He has a girlfriend, right?




WES: Could you ever picture him cheating?

LINDSAY: No, of course not.

WES: Obviously, but maybe we’ll ask someone with a little less of a bias. Alvin?

ALVIN: I don’t see it in him.

WES: So, if he’s not cheating, the only other way to suffice himself would be?

LINDSAY: (Even more devastated) No.

ALVIN and WES both start laughing.


LINDSAY: No he does not. In the woods?

WES: It happens.


ALVIN: It happens.

LINDSAY: Is that where you think he went to now?

WES: What? No, its broad daylight! Of course not.

ALVIN: Maybe, though.

LINDSAY: What, really?

WES: Would you do it in broad daylight?

LINDSAY: Of course not!

WES: Then it’s a safe bet that he probably wouldn’t either.

ALVIN: Or would he?

LINDSAY: Stop it.

ALVIN: I’m just saying, testosterone is clouding his mind, probably making him do all of these weird things.

LINDSAY: But that?

WES: It gets lonely in the woods.

LINDSAY: Oh God. Maybe I should give him some space.

WES: Why? He seems capable of marking his own.

LINDSAY: You’re the worst.


  1. EXTERIOR: Campground Beach-Moments After


JACOB holds his head underwater. He suddenly bursts up gasping for air dramatically.


JACOB: Wes! That was twenty-five minutes!

WES: That wasn’t even ten seconds.


JACOB falls backwards into the water. He floats on his back looking at the sky. He stands up again.


JACOB: Wes, please.

WES: Alright, I’m coming in.


WES stands up, takes his shirt off, and begins to walk to the water. ALVIN whistles, and begins to cat-call. WES turns around and does a mock laugh.


WES: (Dryly) I’m gonna drown your son.

JACOB: Wes, what are you doing? Grab the Frisbee!


WES grabs a Frisbee from LINDSAY’s bag. He walks into the water and throws it to JACOB, who in turns throws in back.


JACOB: What a nice day.

WES: It’s not bad.

JACOB: Not bad? There’s not a cloud in the sky.

WES: Clouds add character.

JACOB: No way.

WES: They do.

JACOB: Explain yourself, young man.

WES: A day like this: it’s nice, but that’s all there is to it. Nothing else to say. It’s just a big empty sky.

JACOB: Is that why they call it, “Feeling blue?”

WES: Maybe.

JACOB: Do like it when it rains then?

WES: In moderation.

JACOB: Where’s that?

WES: I like it when it rains sometimes.

JACOB: Wow, you must have hated this week than.

WES: No, it’s been alright. There’s been a few clouds, here and there. But that could change.

JACOB: I don’t think so. Everything looks c’est bon.

WES: Things change.  

JACOB: I once saw a cloud that looked like a fidget spinner.

WES: Really? I once saw a cloud that looked like a macramé owl.

JACOB: A what?

WES: Exactly.


  1. EXTERIOR: Farther Along the Beach-Moments After


ISAAC walks along the beach alone. He comes to the edge of the beach, where the landscape becomes forest again. He leans on a pine tree, and looks out onto the water. ALENA seemingly comes out of nowhere.


ALENA: Careful. You’ll get sap on yourself.


ISAAC stands up straight. Sap sticks to his shirt.

ISAAC: Where do you keep coming from?

ALENA: Wherever.

ISAAC: Hey, listen—

ALENA: I’m on break right now. Let’s just enjoy the moment.

ISAAC: Okay.


A pause.


ISAAC: You’re right. I think I need to enjoy what I have here.

ALENA: Good. When do you leave?

ISAAC: Tomorrow.

ALENA: Then what are you doing here?

ISAAC: Thank you for being so wise.

ALENA: I only help people to help myself.

ISAAC: If I don’t see you again… it’s been really great to meet you.

ALENA: You too. Say hi to Wes for me, will you?

ISAAC: Always.


ISAAC leaves. ALENA stays.


  1. EXTERIOR: Campground Beach-Moments Later


ISAAC arrives back at the spot where LINDSAY and ALVIN are sitting. JACOB and WES are still throwing the Frisbee to each other. ISAAC takes his shirt off, drops it onto the ground, and walks into the water.


ISAAC: Jacob! Toss it.

JACOB: My man!

WES: Jacob, I’m getting cold.


WES begins to walk out of the water.


JACOB: No, Wes, you stay. We’ll throw it together.

WES: I’m cold.

JACOB: The sun is shining, the water is boiling, and you’re lying. Come on!


JACOB throws the Frisbee to WES. WES walks back in and throws it to JACOB. JACOB throws it back to WES.


JACOB: No, you have to throw it to Isaac.

WES: Right.


WES unenthusiastically throws it to ISAAC. It lands between them. ISAAC wades through the water to get it.


ISAAC: Good throw.

WES: Where’d you go last night?

ISAAC: Bathroom.

WES: I don’t think so.

ISAAC: Why’s that?

WES: I don’t think most boys your age enjoy spending thirty minutes in a bathroom.


ISAAC picks up the Frisbee and throws it to JACOB. JACOB catches it.


ISAAC: Why does it matter to you?

WES: Just curious.

ISAAC: About?


JACOB throws the Frisbee to WES. WES catches it.


WES: Where you went last night, which was wasn’t the bathroom.


WES throws the Frisbee to ISAAC. ISAAC catches it.

ISAAC: Alena says, “Hi.”


ISAAC throws the Frisbee to WES. WES catches it.

WES: Who? Oh, her. Is that who you went to see last night?


WES throws the Frisbee to ISAAC. ISAAC catches it.

ISAAC: Maybe.

JACOB: Isaac, you’re supposed to throw to me.


ISAAC throws the Frisbee to WES. WES catches it.

WES: If it is, I hope your intentions were as noble as they were the day all three of us met.


WES throws the Frisbee to ISAAC, this time. ISAAC catches it.


ISAAC: They were.


ISAAC throws the Frisbee to WES. WES catches it.


WES: So what happened between you two?


WES throws the Frisbee to ISAAC, even harder than the last time. ISAAC catches it.


ISAAC: Just came to a realization.

WES: Which was?

ISAAC: I’m sorry for what I said to you and how things started between us.

WES: Are you?

ISAAC: I am. You’ve been good to my mom, and I haven’t been good to you.

WES: Well… Alright.

JACOB: HEY! Throw me the Frisbee!

ISAAC: My bad.


ISAAC throws the Frisbee to JACOB. JACOB catches it.


JACOB: Finally.


  1. EXTERIOR: Campground Beach-Moments After


WES, ISAAC, and JACOB continue to throw the Frisbee. ALVIN and LINDSAY sit in their chairs relaxing.


ALVIN: As if.


ALVIN: Taken until our last day for all of us to get along.

LINDSAY: At least it’s happening.


LINDSAY: I’ve always like Isaac’s shirt. He looks like his dad in it.


LINDSAY picks up the shirt and notices the sap stain.


LINDSAY: Oh God. No.

ALVIN: What?

LINDSAY: His shirt. Look at it. Look at the stain.

ALVIN: Stain? Oh…


ALVIN begins to laugh.


LINDSAY: It’s not funny. I might have to talk to him about.

ALVIN: Lindsay, please, do not do that.

LINDSAY: What else is there? What if someone sees him?  

ALVIN: I doubt he went off just to do that. Just let it go and give him his privacy. You’ll scar the kid if you mention it.


LINDSAY sees JACOB having fun.


LINDSAY: Why can’t Isaac be that age again?

ALVIN: It is what it is.

LINDSAY: Were you like that when you were his age?

ALVIN: No. He gets it from his mother.

LINDSAY: Must have been quite the free spirit.

ALVIN: The most attractive thing about her was that she always wanted to have a good time.

LINDSAY: Why did she leave?

ALVIN: I don’t know. She had her reasons.

LINDSAY: Why do you think she left?

ALVIN: Once he was born, everything stopped being fun. Her life imploded on itself, and she wasn’t ready for that.

LINDSAY: You’re doing the right thing.

ALVIN: I know. But every day he reminds me of her more and more.

LINDSAY: If you’re that afraid then find balance.

ALVIN: I’m not afraid.

LINDSAY: Still, you two deserve each other, but you don’t deserve to be alone together.

ALVIN: That seemed well rehearsed.

LINDSAY: I’ve just been thinking a lot this week.

ALVIN: It’s been fun, huh?

LINDSAY: More than I ever thought.


LINDSAY and ALVIN smile at each other. WES, ISAAC, and JACOB continue to play Frisbee. The scene gives a sense of warmth and unity within the group. Everything is perfect.


  1. EXTERIOR: Campsite-Evening


LINDSAY, ISAAC, ALVIN, and WES sit at the picnic table eating dinner. The feeling of happiness from the previous scene has carried over.


JACOB: Lindsay, what’s your favorite song?

LINSAY: The ones you sing.

ALVIN: Please, don’t encourage him.

JACOB: I am a songbird, Dad. But no, Lindsay, what’s your favorite song?

LINDSAY: I don’t know. Songs come and go for me.

JACOB: Okay. Isaac, what’s yours?

ISAAC: Wake Up by Arcade Fire.

JACOB: Never heard it. Dad what’s yours?

ALVIN: 2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up.


WES: Anything by The Band.

JACOB: What band?

ALVIN: It’s the name of the group. The Band.

LINDSAY: What’s yours?

JACOB: I don’t know. Actually, the one that Wes taught me.

ALVIN: How does it go?

WES: Well, we don’t-

JACOB: (Singing) “Let me break it to you, son”
Your shit’s fucked up.”
I said, “My shit’s fucked up?”
Well, I don’t see how-“
He said, “The shit that used to work-
It won’t work now.”


WES takes a sip from his mug and avoids eye contact with everyone. ALVIN stands up.


ALVIN: Jacob, stand up! You’re going to bed!

JACOB: What did I do? It’s just a song.

ALVIN: I don’t care. You know you aren’t supposed to swear.

JACOB: What? I’ve swore before.

ALVIN: Not like that! You’re getting too comfortable. Now move because you’re going to bed.

WES: Let’s slow down, everyone.

ALVIN: Don’t say a word to me.

WES: It was just a song.

LINDSAY: Wes, I’d just stay out of it.

WES: No. Alvin, you think you’re going to protect him from what the world is like?

ALVIN: I am not in the mood for a discussion, Wes. You are not talking to my son again.

WES: You’re acting like I’ve corrupted him. Like this isn’t the only thing bad thing I’ve taught him.

ALVIN: Is it?

WES: Yes.

ALVIN: (To JACOB) Is it?

JACOB: We talked about drugs too.

ALVIN: Okay, you’re are not even going to think about him until all of us are far away from this park.

WES: He asked me. Maybe he wouldn’t have if you didn’t live in a shitty neighborhood.

ISAAC: Wes, stop it!

WES: It’s true, Alvin. What are you protecting him from? The kid’s already been offered drugs, he knows what fuck means, he knows what shit means. If your aim at parenthood is stopping him from learning all of this, then my friend, you’ve already failed as a father.

ALVIN: You’d know what that feels like wouldn’t you?

LINDSAY: Okay, everyone, let’s take a step back. This should not be what our last night is like.

WES: Lindsay, don’t. Alvin needs to wake up.

ALVIN: Did your wife leave you because you like she needed to wake up too? Or did she leave because she realized what kind of person you are?

WES: I don’t know. Why don’t you tell me why your wife left? Or were you two even married?

LINDSAY: No more; both of you!

WES: Lindsay, don’t. Just shut up.

ISAAC: Don’t you dare talk to her like that.

WES: (To ISAAC) Back at it again, I see.

ISAAC: Fuck you.

WES: And we made such progress today.

LINDSAY: Everyone! Calm down. Some things were said, but we need to move past this. What happened to the people who were on the beach together? Let’s go back to that.



ALVIN grabs JACOB and begins to carry him to their tent. WES stands up.


WES: He’s going to resent you if you keep pushing.

ALVIN: (Still walking) Shh.

WES: He already told me he’s going to try drugs. You can’t protect him forever.


ALVIN stops, puts JACOB down, and turns around to face WES.

ALVIN: It’s probably easy for you to be such a great family man, given all the hindsight you have. It’s a shame you’re too old to get a new one, though.


WES approaches ALVIN, so that they are face to face.


WES: You wanna overreact over a few words, go ahead. But you’re going to push your kid away.

ALVIN: And then I’m going to end up like you, huh? End up like someone who is without a doubt going to die alone. Tell me, what would you do if you were me?

WES: How about instead of sheltering him from reality, you face it, together. That way at least you have some control over it. But what you’re doing, hiding him away from it, it’s going to invite him to explore it more, without you. And then what? You two are both fucked.


ALVIN grabs WES by the collar.


ALVIN: Not in front of my son.

ISAAC: Stop it!


ISAAC picks up the mug WES was drinking from. He throws it at WES and ALVIN with the hope it hits one of the two. It does not. It misses them both, and smacks JACOB in the face instead. JACOB is knocked down, and begins to cry. His forehead begins to bleed. ALVIN lets go of WES, looks down at JACOB, then glares at ISAAC. ISAAC stares, horrified at what he did.




ALVIN begins to walk to ISAAC, with never before seen intensity. LINDSAY gets in front of ALVIN, in an attempt to calm him down.


LINDSAY: Alvin, I don’t know what he was thinking, but listen to me: I will sort it out. You need to calm down.


ALVIN brushes past her. ALVIN approaches ISAAC, grabs him by the throat, and pushes him into a tree.


ALVIN: You’re lucky I don’t fucking knock your teeth in right now.

LINDSAY: Alvin, let him go!

WES: Guys–

LINDSAY: Let him go!     

ISAAC: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.



LINDSAY turns around to focus on WES. ALVIN’s gaze remains on ISAAC.


WES: Where did Jacob go?


ALVIN immediately lets go of ISAAC and turns around, looking devastated.


  1. EXTERIOR: Campground Woods-Moments After


JACOB runs through the woods, crying, trying to wipe blood from his forehead. He falls into the hole he was digging earlier for the bear; now much deeper than before. He lies on his back, dazed, and as he looks around he notices a snake has slithered onto him. He is startled, so he shakes it off. More snakes begin to slither around him, revealing that he has landed on a large pile of snakes that begin to writhe on top of him. JACOB screams.



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