Guilty kisses with the lights dimmed

You turned nineteen only yesterday it seemed

The same shirt, blue like the sky

Small talk – these days that’s how we get by


Tender kisses by dirtied sheets

Walking home drunk, bare feet

A partner, my lover of six days

Paranoia, how did we get to this place?


Soft kisses, intoxicated we smile

On bad nights, thirty one eleven I still dial

Messy hair & leftover Chinese take out

How do we have nothing left to talk about?


Hard kisses sloppy on the sides

How many more names on your phone will you hide?

Half hugs, they’re just a formality

Shouldn’t this be the time for more stability?


Sorry kisses for the times been wronged

Wow, that really didn’t take long

Wasted so much time becoming nothing

April, May, June – it’s still just a fling


Last kisses we should try again

A new start – but where do we begin?

Am I your lover & are you my friend?

Habit has prepared me – I can foresee the end.


Labels this labels that

Labels good labels bad

Somewhere between the first kiss & all of the above

I let these lips and touch & fell in love.

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  • Bari Mehrul
    January 27, 2018

    I like this

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