10 More Things I’ve Learned about Trent/Canada

10 More Things I’ve Learned about Trent/Canada

1. College rivalry is a thing. A major thing.

Not only was the Varsity rugby game against Brock University the other week a big deal (university sports rivalry and all that jazz), but people genuinely care about what college within Trent you’re affiliated to. At our Lady Eaton College semi-formal a couple of weeks ago, we were all welcomed to the Lady Eaton community and it felt super homey- we were even presented with college scarves. Trent is clearly all about that sense of belonging and affiliation with a college. Moreover, I went out to Pig’s Tavern last Wednesday with a couple of coursemates and O week leaders and the girls genuinely asked people about what college are you from, and this really affected the level of conversation/banter we would have with new people – why would we want to chat to people from East Bank?! (Sarcasm, obviously, but seriously: L.E.C. is the place to be!).

2. TIP is wonderful

Shout out to Kate Logan and Professor Michael Eamon for all their hard work and support and all the wonderful TIP (Trent International Program) staff. I feel very lucky to have all of your support while studying at Trent and am so appreciative of all the events you have organised. TIP camp was incredible, the exchange student dinner was lovely and OMGOODNESS NIAGARA FALLS WAS AMAZING (see point 3.)


It’s very rare that I’m speechless, but Niagara Falls was mesmerizing. Beautiful, majestic, incredible, every positive adjective ever! 10/10. When can I go back?!

4. Yann Martel studied at Trent

Pretty self-explanatory really, Yann Martel (author of critically acclaimed The Life of Pi) studied Philosophy at Trent University. I think that’s pretty cool!

5. Canadians are super sarcastic

Again, pretty self-explanatory but I love it. Really wasn’t expecting the sarcasm, but it’s hilarious (@ all of LEC Red section!!)!

6. Canadian phone numbers are weird

UK mobile/cell phone numbers start 07 with the country code +44, Canada has to be annoyingly complicated and have a different code for different towns, cities, districts whatever. Why the hell does my phone number start with a 7 and why is it only 10 digits long?! Weird.

7. Walmart is huge

Yes, I was one of those children that got scared when I lost my parents in the supermarket. OK, it’s still pretty annoying when you lose your family in the supermarket but HOW THE HECK CAN YOU NOT LOSE SOMEONE IN WALMART. It’s huge. It sells everything. I love it, my bank balance does not… But hey, why not buy a maple leaf shaped lamp and industrial sized toiletries?!

8. Milk comes in bags

Not cartons, not plastic bottles not even like old-fashioned glass bottles. Bags. Bags of milk. Bags of milk that you chop the corner off and put (the bag, not the milk) into a jug. Whyyyyyyy?!

9. Ketchup crisps/chips are YAY, pickle crisps/chips are NAY

I try and be helpful and order “chips” in the cafe, but the staff catch my accent and go to give me chips/french fries. So I’ve gone back to saying “crisps”. Ketchup crisps are lovely. Pickle chips should not exist.

10. It seems the whole of Canada have a weird crush on Drake

Personally, I haven’t moved on from my 2010 crush on beautiful Canadian singer Michael Buble.. But it seems the whole of Canada has an obsession with Drake. His music is everywhere: shops, restaurants, clubs, the college common rooms (!) etc. It’s cute but it’s like Canada has become a teenager transfixed on some attractive singer. Very bizarre.

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