Nothing stops a murder. Not even Kris Kringle. Of course he never came that night, Ol’ Santy Claus that is. You’d think a person’s ability to kill would be stifled by the hanging mistletoe, and the glistening lights. Maybe it egged her on.   It all
  Through the cold and dark and white and black, find it. Past every hissing voice and spitting sky, search on. Leave your shelter; the sky won’t fall all at once, instead it comes in flakes.   Every winter feels like my first; every summer feels like my last. Suck back
      The movie that Noah and I chose to watch is Sorry to Bother You. You are probably think, “Yes. I know what the movie is. I read the title.” Well, I am apologetic for wasting your time. Noah on the other would probably say
  EMMA: Ten year old girl. PETER: Late thirties. KELLY: Late thirties. DOCTOR ITO: Early forties. DOCTOR KERN: Mid fifties. NEWS ANCHOR: Late forties. DIANA: Early forties. NATALIE: Late twenties.   INTERIOR: Emma’s Hospital Room-Morning PETER, KELLY, and EMMA are in the room. Not much has changed within the room,
I don’t know when it began I was always so insecure The funny girl on the side To satisfy all of your   Your little desires and wants To entertain your little needs I was always the snack on side, never the main meal Girls like me are a good time, who
A small, dimly lit room on the top floor of an apartment building.   MITCHELL: 27, a permanent scowl on his grungy face. Wears an old, dirty jean jacket, black pants, and tattered leather boots. Working hands.   TREVOR: 30. Yellowed white t-shirt, yellowed jeans, grimy
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