Meet Jane. Jane is slender, brown-haired, brown-eyed, and gorgeous, with a love for a animals and takeout. She is a veterinarian. Meet John. He is tall, broad-shouldered, and handsome, with thick black hair and a deepish voice. He likes football and Italian food, and similar
  The question was simple, I suppose: would I marry him? The answer would prove to have more complicated consequences.   He asked at dinner and didn’t do anything corny. I prefer that to kneeling down in some elaborate proposal; recorded and posted online. I’ll be in
I’m eating Frosted Flakes When a particularly sharp piece Hits the roof of my mouth. It doesn’t cut me, However, It hurts more than coming to terms.   The train always arrives late And you feel out of place Even on your greatest date. A Smile spreads Across interstate lines It’s all you’ve wanted for
It was like watching a car accident. I could hear his body falling into hers through the wall. What a sick tune. What an unfortunate melody. I listened for harmonies but only managed to decipher groans and grunts. I heard the tires squeal and somebody pumping their
LINDSAY: Forties. Has a stronger connection with ISAAC, and everyone else. ISAAC: Sixteen. Has a stronger connection with LINDSAY, and everyone else.   ALVIN: Late twenties. Has a strong connection with everyone.   JACOB: Nine. Has a strong connection with everyone.     WES: Late sixties. Still warming up to everyone.   ALENA:
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