It’s true, there is too much to do in January. Many of us find ourselves readjusting to work and school schedules, struggling to accept that the holidays are over and being super hard on ourselves when something doesn’t go to plan. At university, I was
We did it guys, we really did! We made it to 2018 – congrats to us! Now that the new year is upon us, it is the perfect time to look back and reflect on all the great things 2017 has brought us. Sure, in
Weed is set to be legalized this coming spring, and what better way to celebrate than by acknowledging the local eateries that have soothed my munchies for the better part of a decade. Chicken nuggets are delicious, but sometimes you might be looking for something
  Driving in Darkness   I’ve always been uneasy driving alone at night. It was worse the first few times, when I had just gotten my license, but the nagging fear has never really left me. It’s disorienting to look into the mirrors and see nothing, and I
I was your typical tomboy growing up. I liked playing boy games at recess. I slid for bases in baseball and I had my hair short, even cropped for many years. I started doing karate and kept at it. I kept that rough and tumble
Guilty kisses with the lights dimmed You turned nineteen only yesterday it seemed The same shirt, blue like the sky Small talk – these days that’s how we get by   Tender kisses by dirtied sheets Walking home drunk, bare feet A partner, my lover of six days Paranoia, how did we get
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