Dear Mrs. Jones, This is what happened to me this summer vacation. You asked for details. Details, details. So I will give you details. A lot of the summer was pretty boring. My family can’t afford any kind of special vacation. We didn’t do much besides stay
  It had been a lovely evening with my grandmother, Lucy. The dinner was a small radish salad, grilled haddock with vegetables, and a soft caramel flan for dessert. With the clinking of silverware, Lucy recounted how she had seen a woman in her nursing home
  If ducks could quack then so would I.   They met outside on my back porch every morning, and each time I greeted them with offerings of bread and leftover seeds from my garden. They were always so kind and patient. Their teaching methods may have seemed
To fans and readers of Absynthe,   Well, here we stand at the end of another year. For those of you who are continuing your studies over the summer; the promise of that sweet, succulent summer OSAP swirling in your minds, I apologize; while this is not
  Summary: Cost: Free (I think, I didn’t see anywhere to pay for parking!) Location: About 10 minutes from downtown, on University Road Naturality: 3.5 out of 5 Gear: Nothing special! Watch out for: Canines, skiers, snow-covered and thinly frozen ponds, and DOG POOP. I finally decided to check out the
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